Value Proposition

GFX will automate end-to-end workflow, covering even back end processes like Scheduling, Capacity Planning and tightly integrating with client facing processes. By creating these back-end inventory management capabilities, we are creating strong barriers to entry for any new entrant.

GFX offers a host of benefits to the shipping lines and Shippers.

These are listed below:

  1. Prepaid shipments leading to lower working capital requirement
  2. Guaranteed space/slot utilization (no dead slots)
  3. Reduced sales force cost
  4. Centralised inventory management leading to better coordination amongst various freight traders
  5. Huge cost savings on cargo rolling/shut out
  6. Happy customers leading to better customer loyalty
  7. Transparency in the market and overview of competition
  8. Ability to dynamically change pricing based on demand/supply factors.
  9. Better equipment positioning and management
  10. Access to real-time data and market reports enabling strategic direction with ease
  11. Additional revenue stream – free time

Similar to the benefits to the shipping lines, the platform provides a host of benefits to the end users as well. These are listed below:

  1. Transparent pricing
  2. Guaranteed space and equipment
  3. Flexibility of trading the space back thus offering arbitrage opportunities
  4. Multiple offers from various shipping lines on the same screen thus giving a holistic view of the whole market
  5. Access to forward market prices in order to get a view of the freight market.
  6. Foreign Exchange (FX) conversion will be at market price (between the Buyer of the freight Contract and its Bank) rather than the Buyer and the Shipping Lines which always adds a buffer.